Data Visualization from the Motor City

Welcome to Visual-Detroit!

Visual-Detroit is a site designed to look at #theD through the lens of data visualization, using available data sets to tell stories about our complex city. These stories might cover commerce, crime, historical trends, migration patterns, and much more, as we seek to tell the story of Detroit through data.

We’ll plan on using a lot of publicly available datasets, and will work with primarily open source or other easily available tools to tell Detroit stories using charts, maps, network graphs, and whatever other techniques are appropriate to the data at hand. Some of my favorite tools as we launch this site include Exploratory for data wrangling, analysis, and visualization; Tableau Public for visualization; Carto and Mapbox for location analysis, and Gephi for network graphs.

So I hope you join us for the ride, through the positive and the negative stories of the city, and enjoy the data stories I’ll be sharing.